The Talk Therapy - Convergence approach

We work in Convergence by combining the Classic or Purist approaches used in Transpersonal and Integratively and integrate modern brief psychotherapies to bring faster results.  We may offer to use C.B.T, (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). or B.P.T. (By-Pass Therapy) Clinical or Analytical Hypnotherapy and many other different methods to help our patients, because we do care.

We acknowledge the unique way your life's journey contributes to the perspective you have on life.  We also work 'intra-personally' and 'inter-personally' and integrate the spiritual aspects of life too; as a holistic approach dealing with the 'whole' person.

It also means that we are able to offer each person, or couple, a style that suits their individual needs and work in their best interests. 

We offer a creative approach in working with emotional life issues, that might not be easy to access in verbal ways. We work with Body (& Mind), Soul and Spiritual aspects of your whole person. 

We are particularly interested in problems of 'relating to self' and others, where previous experience impacts on the present times.

What is first learned, tends to stick and sometimes this can hinder our development as an individual.   The various life stages involved in healthy adult development can become problematic.  

New research and understanding, in the field of neuro-science, shows how brain development in infancy is primarily and directly affected by the parental or primary carer/caring other and the emotional regulation that is learned at an early stage in life. This will have an effect on the way we react 'in the now', as a teenager, or in adulthood. 

Our methods appeal to the sensory, intuitive, feeling and thinking qualities that are part of a person's emotional health, as well as thought patterns, ideas and goals.

Sometimes these functions can get out of balance, causing us to feel anxious, angry, sleepless and irritable.  All these different 'ways of being' are important in the maintenance of 'well being' in each individual. 

Methods may include:- Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and the recently developed new variation of established therapies integrating brief therapies and it is called BPT which was originally aimed at spiritually motivated individuals and their relevant cognition and ethics, this is accomplished using input to the unconscious mind and will encourage a new life script in line with their spiritual beliefs, which utilise the methods of Integrative therapies, including Gestalt, Humanistic-Person Centred and Cognitive Behavioural aspects, which may also include work with Guided Imagery and the use of Art in Therapy. It was initially named Hypno-scriptotherapy, but has since been opened up to any or no faith clients with good results so far and is now called BPT - By-Pass Therapy.

We may also work with your spiritual essence and perhaps with, or with Sound and Bodywork Therapy and CET, EFT, or NLP, or Clinical Hypnotherapy, alternatively BPT or Psychodynamic Christian Counselling. This could possibly include a referral to a specialist, where it is desirable to both client and therapist.

All of the Counsellors and Therapists are committed to ongoing training.  Some of our counsellors or therapists are also currently training in these other aspects of therapeutic approaches and therefore some may also introduce arts based ways and this includes writing, poetry, clay, sand tray, painting, drama and drawing, also possibly group work too. 

These are just approaches and an option you may choose, in either an ongoing, or occasional way, preferring to talk about your difficulties at other times and to explore ideas verbally.

You do not have to be gifted in the arts to work in this way.  The technique of art therapy draws on one side of your brain, when you would normally be using the other side of your brain to communicate verbally with a counsellor; therefore in arts therapy the creative side of your brain often accesses the unconscious faster to unlock and offer you keys to understand repressed feelings. 

Arts therapy accesses the subconscious mind in a way that may reveal emotions and may help to understand yourself more. Although we use these techniques within our normal therapy sessions from time to time, if you want purely Art Therapy we will then refer you to an specially trained Arts therapist within this model. 

These different ways of working do often assist the therapy taking place and you may be facilitated and empowered to make positive adjustments in your life.

With Transpersonal therapy It is also possible to have a time of Art injection and to talk through this therapy and work with art, feelings, images, symbols and dreams.  This can be so important in constructing creative ways, to interact together and allow you to dip into the areas you want help in.

At Talk Therapy you are able to come for one session to discuss options and have an assessment.  If required we will then usually suggest a contract for around six to ten weeks at a time initially and review the sessions after that and regularly from then on, recontracting and working as long as it feels right for you to continue.  

You will also receive guidance with this also, but the decision to work together longer will be your choice.

Talk Therapy will work with these transitions, as adult life stages readjust and grow.   

We work with single people to enable them to live creatively and make the necessary adjustments as they develop in adult life. 

Couples in marriage conflict may be given hope to repair and move on in their relationships.  

At Talk Therapy we will work with various compulsions and compulsive behaviour, various obsessions and addictive behaviour, also relationship problems, ie, separation and divorce issues.

We facilitate help and recovery, also loss and bereavement, sexuality and sexual problems in relationships, eating dysfunction, work related issues and depression, also with the abused, or hurting (emotional problems). 

Spiritual Mentoring if required and / or dealing with problems of guilt and blame / shame aspects, are also integrated as part of our work, this is done without judgemental or prejudicial attitudes.  

The initial Talk Therapy contract is reviewed regularly and you the client, have the choice to decide about continuing.  we work initially to suit an individual's needs at the time of them seeking help. 

We work within the CPFI, BACP and UKCP Ethical framework for good practice. We also uphold the Christian ethos of the Pastoral membership of the APSCC and the Evangelical Alliance.