Counselling and Psychotherapy  in Milton Keynes and Harley Street. W1 London & All Areas - Fast Trauma Therapy for speedy relief....

We offer Counselling and Psychotherapy in London & Central Milton Keynes for Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and C-PTSD (or complex Trauma - Love Addiction and other Addictions - Depression - Phobias - Fears - Anxiety - Relationships - Sexual problems - Couples - Work related issues - Financial worries - Grief problems - Anger - Stress Management - OCD - Identity issues and Spiritual Crisis.  Most regular cases undertaken, and the unusual... 

Fast 'Lifechanging' BPT (By-Pass Therapy) Convergence Induction and Convergence Eye Therapy (CET). From Basic Counselling and Psychotherapy, Life Coaching and Mentoring.
At Convergence College in Milton Keynes we also train others in the use of Counselling & Psychotherapy, also Hypnotherapy and the new alternative to Clinical Hypnotherapy; this is called 'BPT' (By-Pass Therapy). It is specifically for Christians, 
We also implement Convergence Induction Therapy for traumas, which may also be the safer answer than EMDR (less risk of re-traumatising clients) ... it is also helpful to nervous clients who do not wish to explain intimate details of their personal trauma to a therapist.  

The all new BPT  -  'By-Pass' Therapy. 

The new By-Pass Therapy concept is an acceptable alternative to previous offerings of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Also CBT, is seen as a fast way to receive help and with other problems too... However, one size does not fit all, so...

There are also other ways to work - if acceptable, we may use Analytical & Clinical Hypnotherapy, or for Christians especially, the new alternative BPT, (By-Pass) Therapy.  Counselling, Psychotherapy, Inner Child Work, Human Needs Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, NLP, EFT, Rewind Technique and Convergence Induction for PTSD Trauma Therapy work, Guided Visual Imagery, Art in Therapy and Bodywork Therapy, also Therapy techniques using Breath & Sound.

We work within the new revolutionary model called Convergence Psychotherapy which is both Integrative & Transpersonal, working with the whole person, it is also along Rogarian / Humanistic and Existential lines and works with any-Faith or no-Faith clients. 

We also specialise in helping Christian patients with 'By-Pass Therapy'  where we work positively to resolve false or unhealthy religious guilt, and unhealthy spiritual beliefs and cult issues, brainwashing abuses. 

Age: No matter what age you are, we at Talk Therapy, will try to help you, by listening to you properly, and then when you are ready, we can attempt together, to unpack your issues in a non-judgemental way.

Patient Confidentiality is assured at all times. 

As a Patient of our Talk Therapy Practice you may want to get fast changes taking place and that is great.   

Convergence Induction therapy (using safe deep Meditation techniques) may bring you the faster results you might be looking for and may be immediate,and in many cases quite fast results follow, with various types of circumstances or client issues. 

We will go at your pace: We make a commitment to follow through and try to help you for as long as it takes, as you grow and begin to understand yourself, through our Counselling processes.  We may also bring relatively fast relief, perhaps from the very first session, and normally within 4 to 6 weeks. At times it needs just one single session usually procures a cure for Trauma, Fears or Phobias. Come for an initial assessment where you may simply talk to us about your issues, and maybe we can help you find faster relief than you expected.

At Talk Therapy, we have the time available though, to try to help you, if it should be necessary to go slower, we will work at your pace.  Some clients may need to slowly unpack issues over a longer period, there is no rush.  We are ready and committed for this eventuality.

We empathise and care for our patients deeply. 

Our qualified professionals regularly do charitable pro-bono work. Some are also regular contributors and tutors to the students who attend Convergence College of Psychotherapy, also to the affiliate organisation programme of  the Theological Seminary & Pastoral Bible College. 

We also supply placements for students and 'Resident Qualified Counsellor's' for the Community Interest not-for-profit charitable limited company called NewStart at the Counselling Service situated in Central Milton Keynes.

We may well be life changers...