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The Organisation CEO & Ex RAF:  Rev Dr G. A. Booty, Accredited Psychotherapist Member CPFI, Registered Member BACP, Member Acrred NCS, DD (hon), DMin (hon). (Various Dips & Certs). 

Rev Dr G. A. Booty. DD (hon)  LTh (hon), Snr Accred Psychotraumatologist / Psychotherapist Member CPFI, Registered Member BACP, Member of UKPTS, MNRAH, MNRHCSC, MAPSCC , MAIP,  Dip Psych, Dip Adv Psyche, Dip Psyche Sup, Dip Adv Psyche Sup, Dip Hyp. MBC Dip, ABS Dip, (Certs) Human Relations, CBT, Law, Teaching, PTSD. Trauma, etc. Please note: I am not a medical doctor. My doctoral titles are honorary degrees issued through the ministerial route and is given legally under Church Canon Law in recognition of my contribution to Psychotherapy and Spirituality, specifically for my development of the Convergence Psycho-Spiritual Model (CPSM) described in my book FREEDOM IN SPIRITUALITY and were conferred on me by the World Communion of Churches and other spiritual institutions.

The Staff at our various locations will be appointed to help clients and will be chosen for their suitability to the client work.

Talk Therapy 4 U - We work out of the following offices - LONDON (Harley Street W1.)  or at Central Head Offices - ACORN HOUSE 381 Midsummer Blvd, in CENTRAL MILTON KEYNES (Buckinghamshire) MK9 3HP. Also nd NewStart Drop-In & Counselling Service at Market Square in Central Milton Keynes.

Talk Therapy is a Counselling & Psychotherapy Practice, for single persons, or couples. It is for those who think they may need help to make sense of themselves, or their relationships.

We cover many areas of psychological issues and/or hurt and brokenness.  The Director, Rev Dr Booty set up his practice after many years of Counselling experience (both in secular work and the ministry) and is a trained Senior Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and also works as a Psychotherapist.  He continues to study as a life long learner and regularly undertakes Continual Professional development. 

George has more than a keen interest in Neuro-Science, Autism and currently sees single patients and specialises in Trauma and abuse cases including Couples work.

See the Christian page to answer any faith questions.

About Dr Booty's experience and background

George (Dr Booty) is a Frontline Health Professional, working employed and self-employed within Convergence Integrative Psychotherapy disciplines. George is an Senior Advanced Clinical Psychotherapist, and offers Major Trauma reolution with CET (advanced EMDR type of therapy) and an alternative deep meditation style therapy instead of Clinical Hypnotherapy (called BPT) for those who are Christians. 

He is also a Group Facilitator and a Teacher in four disciplines. He has a keen study interest in Neuro-Science* (the development of the brain* and disorders). George has co-founded 4 Community Interest not-for-profit Limited Companies. He also does pro-bono work as a volunteer in these community interest companies.

George has an office available to see clients in 'Harley Street' (W1. LONDON), yet does much of his counselling as resident Counsellor to 'NewStart' or with CCSL - Trauma Care Team, in office at Acorn House, Central MILTON KEYNES (Bucks). 

George is currently:- An Accredited Psychotherapist and Member of the 'Central Professional Foundation & Institute' (CPFI) and a full 'Registered Member' of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP); also the United Kingdom Psychological Trauma Society (UKPTS) and on the 'National Register of Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors & Student Counsellors' (NRHPCSC); he is also a full member of the BACP Association for Pastoral and Spiritual Care and Counselling' (APSCC); a full member of the 'Association for Independent Practitioners' (AIP).  George also works in accordance with the ethics of the CPFI, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists, the BACP and abides by their special codes of conduct.

George is also founder and Resident Counsellor at the secular  'NEWSTART' Free Drop-In & Counselling service Ltd, also organising their specialised local training for student counsellor’s on placements. 

A Motivational Speaker: George is also a conference speaker and speaks at seminars and workshops, taking speaking engagements, for large/small conferences, churches, communities, or businesses, as a motivational teacher, also in Church Pastoral issues which also calls for knowledge of the human Psyche, He is now in demand as a Trainer, Spiritual Director, Mentor, and Life Coach. 

George has much experience in spirituality and relational work, as he has been a minister/pastoral counsellor for over 25 years and currently also works as an Ordained Minister within a World Church Communion. 

George also served for 9 years as a Chaplain - To The Poorest Of The Poor.  This is where he originally became a CONVERGENCE minister and encourages an Inter-Faith dialogue as a Pastoral Minister to the poorer elements of our homeless and vulnerable members of society. He has much experience in family, marriage and relationship work; also with the abused and the broken hearted. 

George is part of a group Practice through Convergence College of Psychotherapy in Milton Keynes and works with singles, or couples in relationship counselling, also dealing with singles and couples in sex therapy. He works with clients who are caught in addictive behaviours, substance misuse and also specialises in the all new CT, (Convergence Therapy) an alternative to Hypnotherapy, which he has developed specifically for Christians. he also offers general Counselling and Psychotherapy too.

George is also trained to teach higher education with PTTLS Certification (according to the new Laws regarding the teaching of higher education, that was enforceable from September 2009).  

He is therefore able to facilitate and train counsellors and psychotherapeutic/spiritual groups. He works Integratively, drawing on a range of psychological models such as Analytical Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, CBT, (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Process Oriented Psychology, Therapy using Art, Convergence Induction Imagery, CT (Convergence Therapy) including various forms of Trauma Therapies, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Convergence Rewind (CR), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Convergence Eye Therapy (CET) for deep Trauma (PTSD) and fears and phobias. 

George will also offer other alternative therapies and seeks further development in Neuro-Science and ground breaking work in the Psyche in the future. 

The word Psychotherapist is made up of two words 'Psyche' and 'Therapist' which means in translation - 'Soul'... 'Attendant'  This is quite relevant to George who is considered a trained Soul Attendant, in spiritual terms as well. George has formulated a Convergence Spiritual Model (CSM) which specialises in the integration of Psychotherapy and Spirituality.

In his work George uses deep meditative states of consciousness and draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources - philosophy, religion, spirituality, science, art and literature. He works creatively with, active imagination, body work, role play, dreams, symptoms, also sound & breath work., with a keen interest in neuro-science and holistic spiritual work.

After many years in business and in Christian Counselling & Pastoral Ministry, He has currently over 25+ years of experience in various forms of Pastoral work, and professional Counselling and Psychotherapy. He actively engages in regular CPD (continuing professional development) each year. Also training new people to become carers, trainers, counsellors, therapists, psychotherapists and teachers; also showing them how to learn to take care of themselves at the same time.


  • George has owned several businesses, which he has worked in for many years and is also ex-RAF.  He has been involved in the voluntary sector and Charity work and has seen much of the world and therefore has much experience of Life, Marriage, Children, Armed Forces, Church, Community, Charity and Business. 

  • George has also had first hand knowledge of difficult family situations, having experienced a mentally ill father, also both divorce and remarriage. George has also grown children of his own. 
    • Our sessions are conducted in confidentiality; this confidentiality is applied to any records kept, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

    A Confidence will not be broken except:

    • Where you give verbal or written consent for the confidence to be broken,                          i.e. spouse/parent/Doctor/work, or agency;
    • Where compelled to by a court of law;
    • Where the information you give is of such gravity that confidentiality cannot be maintained - for example, in cases of serious crime or if you are planning to endanger yourself or someone else.
    This also applies to all situations, unless verbal or written consent given.
    In addition to these three possible exceptions, We receive regular supervision. This is a professional requirement for all Counsellors & Psychotherapists. 

    Supervision is required to protect the client's interests and to assist the therapist in his, or her, professional development.  

    We therefore, of necessity, will sometimes share the content of sessions with a supervisor, although the supervisor is NOT privy to details, such as a client's personal data, including full name.

    Complaints about a Therapist, can be made to the UK National register -  the NRHPCSC. see the web site on our links page or the accrediting membership  body itself, the CPFI. (Web site: 
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  • Mrs Yoly Booty Psychotherapist Accredited CPFI & Member BACP.
    Yoly is the Coordinator of Convergence College of Psychotherapy.
    Also Manager at the NewStart Drop-In & Counselling Service Ltd.
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