B.P.T.  -  By-PASS Therapy...                                   (A Christian alternative to Hypnotherapy)

A single treatment of between 1, to 1.5 hours of BPT - clinical 'By-Pass Therapy' may resolve the most difficult pressing issues you have, such as traumas like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), fears or phobias. 

However, for those more ingrained life issues, a short course perhaps some 6 - 12 weeks, when the Bypass-Therapy may be even more beneficial, as it may be reinforced by other techniques to fast track healing through cognitive interventions, etc, to help overcome depression and anxieties, etc, and may beat severe depression. 

We usually suggest that after a short course, a refresher after 3 months and again a review and possibly a couple of final sessions after 1 year, to be sure there are no residual traumas not yet uncovered.  Of course, you may return any time you wish for further therapy help.

That may be enough to deal with whatever major problems you have, which are simply minor readjustments and positive suggestions carefully processed into your unconscious thought processes. 

'Myths' and Christian extreme 'Untruths' about Modern Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

In defence of modern Hypnotherapy.  The myth, that you will be made to do something you don't want to, is totally untrue.

As a Christian Minister, I can say that this is simply untrue, it is only relevant to stage and stooge suggestions and abuse of healthy modern clinical hypnosis techniques.  

The Old Testament  book of Deuteronomy [Ch 18: Verses 10,11]. Says "Let no-one be found..." and follows with a list of evil practices. 

And guess what?  Counselling, Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy are not remotely mentioned in this list. 

In fact it's my view that anyone who can be so ignorant and distorted in their thinking, to link modern day Psychotherapy or Clinical Hypnotherapy to these evil practices mentioned, have serious flaws in their teaching.  Often this erroneous teaching is fear based, it is teaching which is anti - Professional Clinical work and is simply untrue. This kind of teaching is out of ignorance and unbalanced thinking. The teaching is practised by some extremists around the world and unfortunately taken on board without checking the facts out properly. When people don't understand things, they often have an unhealthy fear of them.

This kind of reaction and thinking in the church is therefore incorrect Biblical hermaneutics.  In truth, it is extreme teaching within that peculiar stream of demonic teaching in the church, namely, the one that seeks to find a demon in almost anything and everything - scare mongering controlling and totally irrational in a modern world of professional clinical practice. 

The medical profession has accepted these clinical treatments as alternative therapies and are widely respected and used, both in Modern Dentistry and the treatment of IBS control and pain control situations, and with great effect, especially for children attending the dentist.

The Stage hypnotists use hand picked stooges and people who wish to act out and are extrovert people who need permission to do what they tell them to do.  Its all an act!

True Clinical Hypnosis is often likened to a 'day-dreamy' kind of state where you are fully conscious all of the time and can stop the process any time you wish to. It is similar to being at a bus stop and perhaps your mind wanders around and you start thinking of something else while you are waiting for a bus and then afterwards you can't really recall much detail about the time you were waiting there.

The 'Bypass-Therapy' technique is used especially for those who are worried about their vulnerability and the possibility of evil suggestibility, with someone they don't know or trust and therefore unsure of the background or motives of the therapist, or fear of any form of control by another.  With a Christian therapist you can trust, this situation becomes less concerning and therefore one can relax, knowing that one is in good hands and within ethical frameworks of a good professional practice. 

In Trauma work, especially utilising BPT (By-Pass Therapy) which often uses a deep state of relaxation Meditative state, which often feels like you have been absent from the room and feels like being woken from a dream and therefore you may well feel as though you have slept and awakened feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.  Some patients  actually do fall asleep in therapy and that is fine too.   

Please NOTE:  Remember YOU are in complete control and may stop at any time you wish and you really cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do, either in a stage of clinical hypnotherapy practice, or after you have experienced clinical hypnotherapy. Anything suggested, whilst in session, is professionally done and in line with your own desires and determination in whatever belief system you adhere to, you are just helped to achieve what you really want to do.

FYI - The word "hypnosis" from the Greek hypnos, "sleep", is an abbreviation of James Braid's (1843) term.

Only for those who desire it, hypnotherapy is then applied in order to modify a subject's behavior, emotional content, and attitudes, as well as a wide range of conditions including dysfunctional habits, anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management, and personal development. Most clients see no problem with this work and therefore without fear gain great benefits.

Clients wishing to take advantage of hypnotherapy please Click below for opportunities for help at www.thebus-stop.org not all counsellors are able to give this therapy but there are qualified practitioners available there to help you

However, specifically for Christians, you are safe regardless, as we use BPT as an alternative scripture based primer, with prayer, to input whatever you wish to your mind to feast upon; for your Godliness and success.